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Modern Bathroom

The Premier Bathroom Remodeling Contractor in Alexandria VA

Are you dreaming of a luxurious, functional, and stylish bathroom? Look no further than Blue Ridge Bath, your trusted partner in transforming bathrooms into stunning spaces that reflect your unique style and meet your practical needs.

Why Choose Blue Ridge Bath for Your Bathroom Remodel in Alexandria VA?

Our Alexandria VA Bathroom Remodeling Services

We offer a range of bathroom renovation services Alexandria VA residents can trust.

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Tub to Shower Conversion

Say goodbye to your outdated tub and embrace the modern elegance and convenience of a shower with Blue Ridge Bath's expert Tub to Shower Conversion services in Alexandria, Virginia. We understand that your bathroom should not only meet your practical needs but also reflect your unique style. That's why we specialize in seamless conversions that not only enhance functionality but also elevate the aesthetics of your space.

Our Tub to Shower Conversion Services Include:


  • Removal of Existing Tub: Our skilled technicians will efficiently remove your old tub, making way for the new shower installation.

  • Custom Shower Enclosures: Select from a variety of stylish and functional shower enclosures, including frameless glass, sliding doors, and more.

  • Premium Shower Fixtures: Upgrade your shower experience with high-quality fixtures, including rainfall showerheads, handheld sprayers, and smart technology options.

  • Safety Features: If accessibility is a concern, we offer a range of safety features such as grab bars and non-slip flooring options to ensure a secure and comfortable shower experience.

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Accessible Bathroom

Bathtub Remodeling

Indulge in the luxury of a rejuvenating bath by transforming your existing bathtub into a statement piece that reflects your personal style and enhances the overall appeal of your bathroom. At Blue Ridge Bath, we are dedicated to delivering unparalleled bathtub remodeling services that go beyond mere functionality to create a spa-like retreat within your home.

Our Bathtub Remodeling Services Include:

  • Tub Replacement and Installation: Upgrade to a new bathtub that complements your style and meets your comfort requirements.

  • Tile Surrounds and Backsplashes: Enhance the visual appeal of your bathtub with stunning tile surrounds and backsplashes, available in various patterns, colors, and textures.

  • Fixture Upgrades: Elevate your bathing experience with premium fixtures, including stylish faucets, handheld showerheads, and contemporary hardware.

  • Accessibility Features: If mobility is a concern, we offer solutions such as grab bars and non-slip surfaces to ensure a safe and accessible bathing environment.

Shower Remodeling

At Blue Ridge Bath, we understand that your shower is more than just a functional space; it's a sanctuary of rejuvenation and style. Our Shower Remodeling Services are designed to elevate your bathing experience, combining innovative design with superior craftsmanship to create a shower that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Our Shower Remodeling Services Include:

  • Custom Shower Enclosures: Choose from an array of stylish and functional shower enclosures, including frameless glass, sliding doors, and more.

  • Luxurious Tile Installations: Enhance the visual appeal of your shower with our selection of exquisite tiles, available in various patterns, colors, and textures.

  • Premium Fixture Upgrades: Elevate your shower experience with stylish faucets, rainfall showerheads, and modern hardware options.

  • Accessibility Solutions: We provide solutions such as grab bars and non-slip flooring options for a safe and accessible shower experience.

Elegant Bathroom

Ready to get started?

Contact Blue Ridge Bath today for a consultation and let us turn your vision into a reality! Your dream Alexandria bathroom remodel is just a call away.

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